For more than a decade, the business aviation services of Aircraft Recognition have been helping firms of all structure on establishing their name on international fields. This industry has sponsered many of the top golf tournaments around the world. Thereby establishing itself as a class above the rest.

Why Charter?

Chartering private aircraft make it possible for businesses to travel all around the world and reach remote areas easily. This is also helpful in taking business executives to different places to attend meetings and appointments on a short period of time.

Business aviation works as a new type of transportation which not only helps companies have easy access to places but also for them to reach out on a wider range of subjects easily.

Why Aircraft Recognition?

  • Access – we have access to over thousands of aircrafts available for chartering both locally and internationally. We have easy access to different types of aircraft a client would need for his trip – from light jets to the heavy ones. We are also in partnership and in great alliance with air traffic regulators and aviation organizations. We can easily take stops on different airports which commercial airlines usually don’t.
  • Safety – to be able to promote safety, we conduct several engine testing before permitting a jet to take flight. Our client’s safety is our number one concern. We provide them with premium flying experience without compromising the safety of the trip. Also included on our Operational Procedures is the task of educating the passengers in a private flight regarding what to do and how to deal with unexpected circumstances.

Book your flight now and have a whole new flying experience with us at Aircraft Recognition!

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