Our primary goal is to introduce chartering private aircraft to more people in order to improve their lifestyle by changing the way they fly. For common individuals, private aviation is an intimidating idea that would never be on their ordinary means-of-travel list. Most pilots have a special room in the house with their memories of flights around the world. Many women are pilots too now and offer private flights. Especially for mothers returning to the workforce, flying private business is a great career move.

Here at Aircraft Recognition, we would like to change that perception. To give you an idea of how private aviation works, here are some of the benefits related to it:

Client Value

It is not a secret that flying with commercial airlines would require a lot of patience, waiting time, and hassles — most especially if your ticket is on the economy class. Starting from the time you booked your flight, you constantly have to follow up on its status; then, on the day of your flight, you’ll have to arrive at the airport three hours earlier than the departure time.

Even entering the airport and going through the security is not an easy task — you’ll have to take off your shoes, shades, watch, and other accessories and fully submit to the security scanner.

Private aviation takes all of these hassles away. You won’t need to go over security scanners and suffer all-time constraint because you are the VIP and your plane won’t leave without you.

Time and Money Value

In private aviation, you select your departure date and time — we won’t limit your choices and we will be the ones to find you the most suitable aircraft to cater your preferences on your flight.

Private aviation needs no advanced booking since we have thousands of available jets all the time from all across the globe. People easily get intimidated with the cost of chartering an aircraft. Here in Aircraft Recognition, we value our clients and we give them the best services their money can afford.

Flying with Aircraft Recognition

For more than a decade, Aircraft Recognition claims overall aviation expertise. We have been working with businesses, medical transports, government officials, celebrities, universities, and common individuals. We treat each of our clients as VIPs and provide them with the utmost service possible.

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