Airfare is one of the biggest aspects to consider, as far as cost is concerned, in any trip. Moreover, finding a reasonable flight deal can be as important as getting the right backpack, the right accommodation, the right tour company, or the right destination.

So, flight comparisons are something you’ll have to get used to when planning a trip. This article is here to help you master how to find cheap flights in 2019.

1. Be Flexible With Travel Times And Dates

Airfare usually varies greatly depending on what holidays are coming up or what time of the year it is and so on. Basically, this means that if you’re going to be traveling when everybody else is travelling, then you can expect your tickets to cost a little more. Try being flexible with your travel dates. Try and make the off-season your friend. It is always much cheaper flying when nobody else is.

2. Ignore Myths

There’s no one secret ninja trick or magic bullet to finding cheap flights. With that said, there are a plethora of online myths when it comes to how to find cheap airfare. In fact, you may even have come across some of them yourself probably, right?

They’re all lies! Don’t allow them to lead you astray. Advanced computer algorithms are what determines price these days. The “old” tricks do not work anymore.

3. Fly Budget Carriers

Awhile back, flying between continents would mean you’d most likely be stuck using the traditional expensive airlines. However, that’s not the case anymore. When doing your flight comparisons, consider budget airlines as well.

Nowadays, they even serve a lot of long-haul routes which makes it possible to travel all over the globe for a considerably low amount. You can use a budget airline to fly almost anywhere you want.

4. Avoid Always Flying Direct

Don’t only be flexible with your travel dates and times alone. Be flexible with your travel routes as well. This is a great way of finding a cheap flight. Sometimes flying to say London and then taking a budget aircraft to Amsterdam is way cheaper than flying directly to Amsterdam. Like we highlighted earlier, budget airlines can be found all over the world.

5. Keep Your Eyes Peeled For Special Deals

When doing your flight comparisons, signing up for a mailing list from search engines and airlines can end up doing you a whole lot of good. You’ll be getting updates on special or last-minute deals that are being offered. This is still a fantastic way of making sure you find cheap flights. They literally do all the work.


Finding considerably low flight rates is mostly about being smart and flexible with when you intend on going, how you intend on getting there and when you intend on getting there. The tips above are sure to help you find the cheapest flights out there. If it’s taking you hours to book a flight, then you are spending too much of your time on this. Hopefully, this article will help put an end to that.

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