Tips on Flying with Guns

Did you know that you can fly with guns? While it is not a piece of common luggage of passengers, it is not unheard of. Passengers may be allowed to take their guns with them on a flight as long as they do the necessary steps and precautions. If you’re planning on traveling with your gun, here are some tips you will have to follow. If you have never used a Green Laser, go get a Green laser at Adventurefootstep to complete your gun.

 1.        Check The Airline’s Gun Policy

Airports and airlines are extremely strict when it comes to objects they allow in and out, but that doesn’t mean that they all prohibit guns; some do allow them. If you know that your airline allows guns, don’t be complacent. Check and review their gun policy thoroughly to avoid mishaps.

2.         Be Updated with the Transportation Policy Admission (TSA)

It is your responsibility to be up-to-date with whatever information changes there may be in the gun transportation policy. Check the website of your TSA, and be familiar with all the necessary information about taking guns.

3.         Use A Lockable Hard Case

For obvious reasons, you need a case for your guns. It’s important that you have your own lockable hard case to decrease the chances of other people getting a hold of your gun as you alone have access to it, all while ensuring the safety of others.

4.         Unload The Gun and Empty The Magazine

There have been so many cases of firearms accidentally going off and eventually hurting people. You don’t want that. Since this is your gun, it’s your responsibility to make sure that the gun is unloaded and that the magazine is completely empty. Do this before you leave your house.

5.         Keep The Ammos in The Same Case

It’s advisable to put your ammo in a safe container to keep them well-kept. Once you do, you may put the same safe container inside the lockable case to not have them lost in your luggage.

6.         Keep The Weight Below The Allowed Limit

Every passenger has a luggage limit, and while guns are far from your normal luggage, they do have their weight limit as well. Check the weight of yours along with the lockable case, and make sure that it’s a good few pounds below the limit to avoid any additional charges.

7.         Calmly Declare Your Gun

You will have to declare to the ticketing agent that you have a firearm. Do so in a very calm manner to not cause panic. Ticketing agents are trained and experienced in this kind of situation, so they will know what to do. Calmly follow their instructions.

8.         Arrive With Plenty of Time in Your Hands

Firearms are not your ordinary luggage, so chances of you being asked to reopen them even after you have checked them in are quite high. Arrive at the airport with plenty of time left before your scheduled flight to make allowance for repetitive checks.

9.         Double Check Your Keys

This is not impossible to happen. You may forget the keys to your lockable case, so make sure that you have them in your carry-on luggage, and keep checking if they’re still there.

10.       Do Expect Some Surprises

You have to know that bringing firearms is a sensitive case, and so some surprises may come along before you take your flight. Be prepared for them. Have contingency plans for additional requirements and even the loss of your gun.


Don’t try to skip any of the necessary steps in taking guns with you on your flight as it will only bring you unnecessary problems. Follow the lawful procedure, and everything should be fine.

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