Online flight booking has been made easy by using digital platforms unlike back in the days when customers used to book an appointment with agencies. According to, flight booking can be achieved even in the comfort of your home. It is very simple just like the AFK Arena. The following are the top-rated apps for affordable flight booking on your phone.


Its usability and speed are very high therefore embraced by many flight travelers. It has a well-arranged price chart enabling you to monitor all the daily searches. Flight searches are presented monthly in friendly bar charts which are easy to elaborate. There are options for the cheapest flights to different destinations. The presentation is easy to understand like in the AFK Arena platform.

It is characterized by a very powerful search engine which has made it popular. You will have the ability to book flights from other airlines on a similar route provided they share a common code. There is the ability to see all possible cheapest flights which are favorable for any budget. It has a unique feature of covering flight delays in case they happen.


This is the best colorful app and at some point, it won a trophy for that. Airports of departure and arrival are usually displayed on the start page and the IATA code enables easy identification. Clear images of any destination city are usually displayed for your view. You can easily choose the cheapest, fastest, and most flexible flight.


It is known for a simple design that is suitable for many users across the world. You will find a user-friendly filter for sorting different types of flights in accordance with their prices. Filtering and flight booking speed is very amazing, therefore, efficient service delivery. In case of flight charges change, alerts usually appear to keep you updated. You can do everything on the kayak app without other requirements like external websites.


The best feature is that deals are exclusive such that you cannot get them anywhere else. It ensures all loopholes are looked into, hence the ability to save cash as well as reaching many clients. You have the ability to customize flight alerts of any choosing according to different destinations. It has high traffic due to its exclusive deals.


Its efficiency in locating flexible timing in terms of flight booking has made it famous. Tracking changing prices enables you to choose the most affordable one. It has a colored calendar that enables you to track prices from green to red. Green and red signify cheapest and most expensive prices consecutively. These colors give you an easy and quick way out by identifying the price of choice at a glance.


Similar to the AFK arena, the color of the apps is generally visible for easy perusal and flight booking. The discussed apps are very essential and this will help you book a flight with your phone provided there is an active network connection. Embrace them and you will never miss the most affordable flights.

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