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Aircraft Recognition for... Air cadets


Aircraft Recognition for air cadets? What could possibly be different to normal aircraft recognition?


Aircraft Recognition is a corps subject and is a very important skill being an air cadet. Don't forget that Aircraft Recognition origninated from the forces, to help determine friendly from foe. The RAF want to pass on this very valuable skill but for completely different purposes. (Not for war purposes of course)


Today many air rec competitions are held accross the corps each year. This gives cadets the chance to compete against each other to become air rec champions.

Air Cadets

All Air cadets should concentrate on the following areas as a baric rule of thumb! (these two areas alone will not win you any competitions):-

  1. RAF Aircraft
  2. Commercial aircraft

Got a competition coming up soon? I'm sure you are aware that these 2 areas above ain't the only areas you will have to concentrate on. You will need to expand your knowledge in helicopters, fast jets and Light aircraft. Download a copy of the aircraft recognition syllabus to help you out. Please only use this as a rough guide as the syllabus is updated anually although not much is changed apart from the addition or subtraction for a few aircraft. Click here to download the word document.


Also don't forget how important it is to know the aircraft you fly!