Have you ever flown privately before? Are you planning to charter an aircraft but afraid to make the wrong choices? Worry not. We’ve got you covered.

Aircraft Recognition provides consultation and further negotiations on chartering an aircraft based on a client’s needs. To give you a sneak peek of the interview upon booking, here are some of the possible questions:

  • How many are you in the group? Are you going on a solo flight? Are there any PWDs or children in the group (this would be useful for setting up seat mobility)?
  • What do you prioritize: the cabin noise level, the engine speed, or the smooth ride?
  • What will be your destination and how many stops will you have?
  • Do you prefer a non-stop flight or one with a few stops for refueling (these are some of the cases for small planes)?
  • How will you spend your time on-board: working on papers, bonding with a group, or taking a rest?

When it comes to the overall aviation expenses, what matters most is the aircraft type, size, passenger capacity, and degree of performance. To help you decide on booking your aviation package, we’ll have our staff attending to your needs and carefully considering your specifications.