The heavy jet group of aircraft offers the coziest private ride. Ideally, heavy jets have a seating capacity of 10-12 passengers. Provided in their cabin are large seats with higher mobility and built-in compartments. These types of plane also offer access to Wi-Fi, fax, audio and video entertainment, and phone usage.

Lavatories and galleys on these type of planes are complete of facilities, amenities, and goods to offer for a more comfortable flight. More than that, there will also be a flight attendant to assist, cater, and perform first aid whenever necessary.

The following are some of the aircraft belonging to the heavy jets:

Bombardier Challenger 600, 601, 604, 605, 650, 850

The Challenger aviation brand has aircraft known for having a spacious cabin and high technology equipment. Numerous improvements have also been done to challenger aircrafts such as new cockpit technology, newer engines, and higher average cruising speed.

The typical seating capacity for this type of jet is 10. They also provide overhead stowage and external baggage compartment.

Dassault Falcon 2000, 900

The Falcon 2000LX series is known for its high quality cabins and long-range capabilities. Falcon aircraft have lower purchase price as compared to other heavy jet brands of its type. Its cabins are spacious and passenger capacity can cater up to 12 seats.

This jet provides more spacious overhead stowage which can carry heavy baggage. Engines on these type of jets are also of high technology which makes them perform excellently for long distances.

Embraer Legacy 600, 650

Compared to other jets with 10-12 seating capacity, the Embraer Legacy can cater up to 13 passengers. Its cabin is spacious enough to have a stowage overhead and in-between seats. There are also foldable arm desks provided in each seat of this aircraft. On the aspect of flying, this one has an average cruising speed of 478 KTAS and a max cruise altitude of 45,000ft.